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Old North State Report

May 10, 2019

Old North State Report – May 10, 2019

This week marked “crossover” at the NC General Assembly, the point during legislative session when a bill must pass out of the chamber in which it was introduced and move forward for consideration in the opposite chamber. Bills that do not meet the crossover deadline are considered dead, although there are some exceptions: redistricting bills for NC House/NC Senate/US Congress/local entities, ratification of amendments to the Constitution of the United States, adjournment resolutions, and bills introduced on the report of the House Committees on Appropriations, Finance or Rules.  As of Tuesday, House and Senate clerks reported that over 400 bills had successfully met the crossover deadline.  With the crossover deadline met, attention now returns to the state budget.  The Governor submitted his budget to the legislature in March and the House passed their version last Friday.  The Senate will begin work on their two-year budget proposal this upcoming week and hope to have it ready for presentation by the end of May.

State Health Plan
The battle wages on between NC Treasurer Dale Folwell and the General Assembly over changes to the State Health Plan.  At issue – how the SHP handles reimbursements to medical care providers.  Folwell announced this week that the Department of Insurance has given final approval to his proposal that would allow the SHP to move forward in a contract with third-party administrator Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC under a government pricing model tied to Medicare rates.  The SHP represents over 700,000 state teachers, employees, non-Medicare retirees, current and former legislators, state university and community college personnel, dependents of these employees, and also the Governor of NC.  Legislation was filed and passed in the House to stop Folwell’s proposal.  HB184 is currently in the Senate, but has not been heard in committee.  It appears the Treasurer is moving forward with his plan despite legislative efforts to stop him.  Definitely something to watch in the weeks to come!

9th Congressional District Primary
After an absentee ballot scandal that drew national attention, NC’s Congressional District-9 will hold a Primary Election on Tuesday (May 14th) to narrow a field of 10 Republicans to 1.  Should, however, no candidate receive 30% of the vote on Tuesday, a Second Primary, or “runoff,” will be held on September 10th.  The Republican nominee will face Democrat, Dan McCready, in the General Election on November 5th.  If a Second Primary is not necessary, the General Election will be held on September 10th.  Congressional District-9, was previously represented by Cong. Robert Pittenger (R).  Pittenger lost to Rev. Mark Harris in the 2018 General Election.  However, an absentee ballot scheme surfaced, preventing Harris from being sworn-in to Congress.  Earlier this year, the NC State Board of Elections ordered a new election after a four-day evidentiary hearing.  Only the Republican Party will have a primary on Tuesday, as candidates for the Democratic, Libertarian and Green parties have already been determined outright.  The 10 Republicans vying for the nomination are:  Stevie Rivenbark Hull, Matthew Ridenhour, Stony Rushing, Fern Shubert, Albert Wiley, Chris Anglin, Dan Bishop, Leigh Thomas Brown, Cathie C. Day, and Gary Dunn. 

Utilize your bill tracking sheets and the NCGA website to see which bills met the crossover deadline!  Follow the link below to the NC General Assembly webpage where you can look-up individual bills, confirm crossover was cleared, view voter history, and more!