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Old North State Report

August 9, 2019

Old North State Report – August 9, 2019

Budget stalemate continues

As we have reported  for the past few weeks week, North Carolina's state budget impasse continued this week with little evidence state leaders are currently on a path to agreement. The Governor continues to say that Medicaid  Expansion  must be on the table for negotiation of the budget deal and the Legislative Leadership says that demand  is holding the budget the General Assembly passed “hostage” . House leadership continues to try to find the 7 Democratic votes to override the Governor’s veto. Many observers continue to report  that the votes will not be there to override which sets up the need for negotiation between the Governor and the legislature. This week House Minority Leader Jackson sent  a letter to Legislative leadership signed by 51 Democrats saying that the Democrats were “committed to sustaining the Governor’s veto. The four Democrats that did not sign the letter were  Rep Richardson, Rep Floyd , Rep Brockman and Rep Graham. If those D’s voted to override the veto  the Speaker is 3 short of the number he needs. The standoff continues. The question remains who will blink and when?
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State Treasurer changes course

Treasurer Dale Folwell has revised his approach to trying to reduce healthcare costs for teachers and state employees.  The Treasurer’s office administers the State Health Plan, and he has attempted for many months to have hospitals and healthcare providers sign a new agreement for the year 2020.  An overwhelming majority of these healthcare providers have consistently rejected his plan, and now he has submitted a different plan for their consideration.
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Common Cause Gerrymandering Case

The supporters of ending gerrymandering received a boost this week with four former North Carolina Governors filing a brief in support of ending the practice.  Former Governor Pat McCrory was the only former Governor not to join in this brief.  What this means is that both Republican and Democrat former executives of the State support the lawsuit filed by Common Cause to end gerrymandering for redrawing legislative and congressional districts in North Carolina. 
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