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Old North State Report

August 2, 2019

Old North State Report – August 2, 2019

Budget stalemate

This week came and went again without agreement of a budget between the Legislature and the Governor.  Most sources confirm that there is not even any discussion between the legislative leaders and the Governor about any type of compromise.  Many observers agree that both sides are dug in on their positions and that there is no agreement to a budget in the foreseeable future.  The Governor did, however, sign the stop gap budget bill yesterday which will keep federal funds coming into the state.

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Democrats seem to have the edge in fundraising over Republicans according to the last campaign contribution reports.  This would also include judicial races and Council of State races, along with the Governor’s race.  The Democratic Party has also outraised the Republican Party as of the June 30th filings as well.  Conventional wisdom is that the fundraising gap between the parties will tighten as the election year begins in January.

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Wilber’s restaurant back in business

An old-line Democrat restaurant is back in business.  Wilber’s BBQ in Goldsboro, NC, filed for bankruptcy and a business group known as Gold Pot Partners, LLC, have bought the business and appear to be planning to reopen the restaurant selling the famous Wilber’s BBQ.

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