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Gold Dome

November 20, 2018

Gold Dome Report - Special Legislative Session Day 5

As many settled into a day filled with college football and other diversions, the General Assembly convened on Saturday to complete its work for the Special Legislative Session. During the rare weekend convening, members of the State Senate took up and passed each of the three key provisions proposed by Governor Deal with relative ease and adjourned sine die during the noon hour. More on the Senate vote counts, as well as two other newsworthy items out of the Capitol on Monday in this final Special Legislative Session issue of the #GoldDomeReport.

In this issue:

  • Senate Concludes Work for Special Session
  • Governor-Elect Kemp Names Transition Team
  • House Democratic Caucus Elects Leadership

Senate Concludes Work for Special Session

Meeting on Saturday morning, the State Senate passed each of Governor Deal’s three legislative propositions aimed at aiding the recovery effort in Southwest Georgia in the wake of Hurricane Michael and ratifying his suspension of the collection of the state sales tax on jet fuel. The Senate adopted each measure by a wide margin:

  • HB 1EX, the emergency spending proposal, was adopted by a vote of 52-0;
  • HB 4EX, the proposition providing tax incentives for the timber industry affected by Hurricane Michael, was adopted by a vote of 52-0; and
  • HB 5EX, ratifying Governor Deal’s suspension of sales tax on jet fuel, was adopted by a vote of 43-9.

Since the Senate made no changes to the legislation, no further action was required in the House of Representatives, and the adopted bills were sent directly to the Governor as the chambers adjourned sine die. Governor Deal quickly signed each bill on Saturday afternoon.

Legislators will return to the State Capitol for the regular 2019 legislative session on January 14, 2019.

Governor-Elect Kemp Names Transition Team

In a press conference on Monday morning, Governor-Elect Brian Kemp announced the entirety of his transition team. The “Georgian’s First Committee,” as the transition team is known, consists of:

  • Tim Fleming, Chief of Staff
  • David Dove, Transition Director
  • Jeremy Brand, Senior Advisor
  • Jamie Reynolds, Co-Chair
  • Harold Reynolds, Co-Chair for Budget
    • Greg Dozier
    • Kelly Farr
    • Kristi Fuss
    • Lorri Smith
  • Chuck Harper, Co-Chair for Appointments
    • Rick Desai
    • Lisa Durden
    • Robert Finch
    • Allen Fox
    • Yovany Jerez
    • Anh Le
    • Jim Lientz
    • Allen Poole
    • T. Dallas Smith
    • Shawnzia Thomas
    • Rochard White
  • Alec Poitevint, Co-Chair for Government Relations
    • Bob Barr
    • Craig Lesser
    • Jay Lin
    • Tricia Pridemore
    • Vic Reynolds
    • Jay Roberts
  • Mark Middleton, Co-Chair for Policy
    • Virginia Galloway
    • Laura Gammage
    • Ben Hames
    • Mark Hamilton
    • Joy Hawkins
    • Brian Marlowe
    • Abraham Mosely
    • Cole Muzio
    • Jose Perez
    • Tom Price
    • Tom Ratchford
    • Ellen Wiley

House Democratic Caucus Elects Leadership

The House Democratic Caucus also met on Monday to conduct its leadership elections for the 2019-2020 legislative session. Rep. Robert Trammell (D-Luthersville) held off a challenge to maintain his role as Minority Leader. Rep. William Boddie (D-East Point), a newcomer to caucus leadership, was elected as Minority Whip.