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Nelson Mullins COVID-19 Resources

Nelson Mullins is continuing to monitor developments related to COVID-19, including guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and various federal, state, and local government authorities. The firm is taking appropriate precautionary actions and has implemented plans to ensure the continuation of all firm services to clients from both in office and remote work arrangements across our 25 offices. 

In addition, click the link below to access extensive resources to address a wide variety of topics resulting from the virus, in general and by industry,  including topics such as essential businesses, force majeure, business interruption insurance, CARES Act and FFCRA, and others. 

Nelson Mullins COVID-19 Resources

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Bostock v. Clayton County and Implications for Title VII Litigation

July 6, 2020

Bostock v. Clayton County and Implications for Title VII Litigation

Carolina-Canada Connections

January 2, 2020

Special New Decade Edition: Carolina-Canada Connections — Vol. 10, No. 19

A monthly outreach to our friends in Canada

Not Saving the Best for Last!

Usually we like to conclude your Carolina-Canada Connections newsletter with a little Clemson football happy talk, but this is just too good to wait!

So, can you say “Threepeat?”

That’s what David Wilkins and rabid Clemson University football fans across the fruited plain are praying for come January 13 when once again, Clemson football plays for the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!

Yep, “little ‘ol Clemson” as head coach Dabo Swinney likes to characterize his powerhouse team, is looking at capturing a third natty. 

The Tigers sealed their golden opportunity Saturday, December 28 when Clemson made its fifth appearance in five College Football Playoff appearances under Swinney, this time against what was up until that night, the also undefeated and extremely hard-hitting Ohio State Buckeyes.  

The game had both Buckeye and Clemson fans alternately cheering and wanting to be sick for the better part of four hours as either team could have easily won.  And truth be told, for much of the first half, it felt like Ohio State might even run away with it before Clemson, led by its star quarterback Trevor Lawrence, kicked it into high gear.  The final score was decided in the final seconds with Ohio State mounting a fierce charge down field thwarted by a game ending Tiger interception in the Buckeye end zone that left the score at 29-23 and fans on both sides gasping for air.

As ESPN summed up (not overdramatically): “…to be sure, Clemson's 29-23 PlayStation Fiesta Bowl win over Ohio State, which sent the Tigers to the College Football Playoff National Championship for the fourth time in five seasons, was an outright classic, a grueling battle of attrition, comebacks, overturned replays and late-game regrets.”


David Wilkins chats with Clemson coach Dabo Swinney before the final practice out in Arizona, December 27, 2019.

David and Susan Wilkins are joined by their son and daughter-in-law, Robert and Stephanie, and the wondertwins, Whit and Clary at the big Clemson-Ohio State playoff game. 

And just because Wilkins likes to brag a bit when it comes to Clemson football, the team now has a 29-game winning streak.  Its starting quarterback, the aforementioned Trevor Lawrence, a sophomore, is 24-0 as a college starter, including that tiny little (read: epic!!!!) 44-16 slap down of Alabama delivered last year that makes Clemson the reining national champs headed into this year’s matchup.   

Dabo’s squad also made history by winning the ACC division championship for a record fifth-straight season. The Tigers also made FBS history by becoming the first team to win five straight conference title games.

It’ll be a Tiger takedown on January 13 in New Orleans for the national championship.  The Clemson Tigers take on the Louisiana State University Tigers featuring Heisman Trophy winner QB Joe Burrow who is one cool cucumber.  All Tigers will have to claw their way to a win, with no real weak links on either squad and two NFL-bound signal callers in Burrow and Lawrence.  It’s sure to be a battle for the ages. 

If the correct species of Tigers win, y’all will read all about it here. 

Stay tuned….

Welcome to Winter

It was a busy year end for your former US ambassador to Canada who seemed to be spending most of his time flying across North America (read: business as usual) as he wrapped up the final months of 2019. 

Mid November found Wilkins flying officially into winter with a trip to Toronto.  With the blustery weather, he was even more delighted to receive such a warm welcome from Ian Russell and his team at the Investment Industry Association of Canada. 

David Wilkins joins Ian Russell and the IIAC team in Toronto.

Wilkins was there to talk politics and policy in the wake of the recent Canadian election and next year’s US election.  Needless to say, there was no shortage of topics!

Welcome to Washington

It was back to Washington, DC, the following week, and a meeting of the Bush Center’s Mixed Working Group on Competitiveness, Security, and Migration.

Normally held at the George W. Bush Library in Dallas, Texas, it was an honor to welcome the working group to Nelson Mullins DC office at 101 Constitution Office which offers one of the best views in the city overlooking Capitol Hill.

David Wilkins gets ready to lead a Bush Center panel in November at our Nelson Mullins office.

The Bush Center working group is comprised of policy, business, thought and governmental leaders hailing from North America and dedicated to tackling critical and timely trilateral issues that foster innovation, productivity, and competitiveness in the global marketplace. 

It was wonderful to see so many friends including Matt Rooney, Theresa Brown, Laura Collins, Carlos Dade, Dan Fisk and others. 

Welcome Wilkins to the Hall of Fame

“You can’t go home” or so goes the expression.  But sometimes you can, and so it was that David Wilkins’ hometown school district, Greenville County Schools, placed him in its official Hall of Fame late last year. 

In front of family and friends, Wilkins received the prestigious recognition at the Greenville Convention Center.  Wilkins youngest son, Robert, and longtime friend, South Carolina Supreme Court Justice John W. Kittredge offered testimonials on his behalf. 

The Wilkins family has a long and lasting connection to Greenville County public schools.  Wilkins himself attended from start to finish, followed by sons James and Robert.  Susan started out as a teacher and would become a PTA president several times as their sons made their way through the school system.  And now the Wilkins grandchildren are attending the very same schools.   

They Said What? 

  • “Americans first learned about the FBI's abuse of the FISA process in a February 2018 memo from then House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes. The memo disclosed that the FBI had obtained surveillance warrants from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court against former Trump aide Carter Page; that the dossier written by ex-British spook Christopher Steele and financed by the Clinton campaign had formed an "essential" part of that application; and that the FBI failed to tell the FISA court about Mr. Steele's political and media ties.  This was news, but Mr. Schiff and Democrats called the Nunes memo false and weeks later released a rival summary of the classified FISA evidence. Now the IG has settled the debate by confirming the details in the Nunes memo and exposing Mr. Schiff's untruths.  The third line of the Schiff memo reads: "FBI and DOJ officials did not abuse the [FISA] process, omit material information, or subvert this vital tool to spy on the Trump campaign." False. IG Michael Horowitz's report lists the many and varied ways the FBI did all of those,” – December Wall Street Journal editorial upbraiding the misinformation campaign that discredited and mocked the 2018 Nunes memo. 
  • “I want to read you guys a letter to the editor that we found in the Lexington Herald Leader. It was a fascinating attempt at trying to explain why some people support President Trump. Here's what it says: ‘Why do good people support Trump? It's because people have been trained, from childhood, to believe in fairytales. This set their minds up to accept things that make them feel good. The more fairytales and lies he tells, the better they feel. Show me a person who believes in Noah's Ark, and I will show you a Trump voter.’ Look, this gets at something, Dean, that my executive producer likes to say, is ‘Hey, voters want to be lied to, sometimes. They don't, they don’t always love being told hard truths,’” – NBC’s Meet the Press host Chuck Todd offering up his opinion on Trump voters in a discussion with the editors of The New York Times and The Washington Post. 
  • “…Unfortunately, the House impeachment of the president has greatly increased the likelihood Trump will remain the president for the next 5 years …”  Democrat presidential candidate and Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard, the only House Democrat marking “present” during the impeachment vote last month that fell strictly along partisan lines, on Twitter this week. 
  • “ABC News, ostensibly a news organization, sat on one of the biggest and most consequential stories of the past decade. By the company's explanation, this was for the sake of an editorial standard, a standard that was strangely missing from its coverage of another significant moment in recent U.S. history.  ABC News, along with just about every other outlet, gladly ran the allegations of sexual assault against then-Judge Brett Kavanaugh, even though corroborating evidence was nonexistent and most of the stories being told were quite clearly lies. In fact, some of the allegations published by ABC were so outlandish that the FBI and the Senate Judiciary Committee didn’t even consider them…Yet ABC News couldn’t be bothered to give…a few minutes to cover credible and substantiated accusations against a pedophile and sex trafficker who had been living it up with the rich and famous on both sides of the pond,” – The Washington Times editors blasting ABC News for killing a story on pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.   
  • “The thing that Clemson did down the stretch is they shut out all the noise. … That, to me, was the performance of the college football season, on the biggest stage against the team that we have debated all year long was maybe the best in college football,” – ESPN analyst and oft-times Clemson football critic, Paul Finebaum, praising Clemson’s 16-point come-from-behind Fiesta bowl victory over Ohio State last week.