HIPAA 2017: Trends and Tools for New Realities

Growing penalties, increasingly frequent enforcement activities, and new regulatory guidance are in the news. What is on the horizon in 2017? What lessons can be drawn from recent record-setting penalties? How can entities safeguard information from online threats?

Join the Nelson Mullins Healthcare Group for a free, 45-minute webinar on the evolving challenges for entities that create, transmit, access or store patient information. Nelson Mullins attorneys will boil the trends down to core takeaways and offer practical and concrete action steps for meeting the HIPAA compliance challenges in 2017.

A recording of the April 4 webinar is available below.

A copy of the April 4 powerpoint slides are available here.

And on Tuesday April 25, join the Nelson Mullins Healthcare Group for a deeper-dive into healthcare disruption and the new technologies that will impact care. Topics will include: 

Registration information for the April 25 webinar will be posted on this website. 

For additional information on either presentation, contact a member of the Nelson Mullins Healthcare Group:

Eli Poliakoff, eli.poliakoff@nelsonmullins.com
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