Government Relations & Administrative Law
Cities, Counties and Other Political Subdivisions

The overriding mission of the Nelson Mullins Government Relations Team is to provide representation before cities, counties, and other political subdivisions as well as on the state and federal level for those government entities that is consistent with their strategic plans and to focus on specific initiatives to reach those objectives. To that end we pursue a collaborative effort with the municipalities to develop a clear understanding of expectations using our experience and results-driven know-how. The Firm provides access at the highest levels, navigates the legislative process and particularly the appropriations process, and is flexible to move in many areas to assure maximum opportunity while remaining focused on our strategic objectives.

Nelson Mullins prides itself in developing a strong relationship with our client. We believe that the first level of good service is communication based on regular conversations with the client, defining on the front end what is to be accomplished, and designing a flexible work plan. Our experience tells us that guiding that process from the beginning establishes realistic expectations, identifies the most significant priorities, and lays the foundation for a productive and strong working relationship.

The Firm will closely examine the pressing challenges facing the municipalities and guide the municipalities in making decisions on which issues to address based on our understanding of how these challenges are aligned with the current Congressional agenda, state and federal connections, and initiatives of the Administration. Serving as the municipalities’ eyes and ears in Washington or at the State House enables us to be proactive in addition to responding to both urgent and routine requests for action and information.

Nelson Mullins works with the officials and planners to develop a strategic plan regarding advocacy at the federal  or state level. This work identifies all major objectives and legislative proposals related to priorities for community and economic development with emphasis on transportation, land use, historical preservation, and development regulations and neighborhood redevelopment.

Nelson Mullins provides a broad range of policy opportunities for legislative initiatives, monitors legislation, and develops a results-oriented advocacy plan. The first steps in solid representation are a thorough understanding of the major needs of the municipalities and their priorities from among those needs.

These include the following activities with the municipalities in the process of developing a federal or state advocacy component to its strategic plan:

  • meet with officials to review ongoing dealings with the federal government and to identity elements of the municipalities' strategic plan relating to the federal or state government;
  • provide an overview of current Administration’s budget and regulatory policies and an outlook for the next year;
  • provide an overview of the legislative initiatives relevant to municipalities and the outlook for policy development for Congress and state legislatures;
  • review ongoing appropriations requests and provide an overview of the current appropriations cycle;
  • identify current relationships with members of the specific state delegations and staffs and other Congressional policymakers;
  • identify links to significant Washington or state capital associations and groups and the working relationships with these organizations;
  • identify broad legislative interests and target issues of interest for monitoring and possible participation in the process; and
  • identify current participation by the municipalities in the federal or state process and specific interests in broadening participation on the federal or state level.